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She decided to use forbidden magic to save her ruined realm.
Shouldn’t have done that.

Bal Khunda is a half ruined town, once glorious, now derelict. Looming over it stands a sky high crag and on it a mystical fortress. All this was once one glorious city, gleaming in the sun, surrounded by prosperous farm lands and luscious woods.
Then a great corruption tore the land apart – literally. A cataclysmic earthquake threw part of the city up on that crag and left the other part in its shadow.

Bal Khunda spiralled down into poverty and despair and is now on the brink of total war against the fortress on the crag, which they blame for all the misfortune. Eternal darkness threatens the few good souls left in the realm.
The noble Lady Dèon then finds an ancient prophecy. It speaks of a great confluence that will come at the hands of a powerful sorceress. She is certain that she herself is that sorceress and resorts to magic that has been forbidden for generations.
But… Is the prophecy really to be trusted?

In the midst of all this, an unlikely band of heroes will be forged. A band of heroes with a quest to set things right again.
Crannog springs from the love of role-playing games like D&D and Stormbringer. Is it the dice of the gods that control the characters of this epic?

Join the desperate heroes trying to save the cursed realm around Bal Khunda in the fast paced and action filled fantasy comic saga of Crannog – start reading today!

Three volumes are available now and the fourth and concluding one in the first quadrilogy will be out in the spring of 2021.

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